Billy Eichner Passed Kate McKinnon Off As Reese Witherspoon To A Gaggle Of Unwitting New Yorkers

It’s been nearly two years since the suddenly very in-demand Billy Eichner said goodbye to truTV, the former home of Billy on the Street — but thanks to a partnership with Funny or Die and Lyft, his man-on-the-street shtick is living on as a web series. On Wednesday, Eichner revealed a brand new episode featuring the award-winning, A-list actress Reese Witherspoon, ahead of the season two premiere of Witherspoon’s HBO wildly popular drama, Big Little Lies.

Except … for the purposes of this segment, the part of Reese Witherspoon will be played by SNL comedian Kate McKinnon. (Which honestly, is not the worst trade-off.)

This fact is not acknowledged by either party during their romp through the streets of New York City. But, for what it’s worth, McKinnon was practically the embodiment of Witherspoon in a powder-blue dress with a cheery lemon pattern. Perhaps this is why they were able to pull off the ruse on most of the passersby they encountered, such as the first woman they met who was apparently so excited to see the “Reese Witherspoon” inside a nearby Pret a Manger that she said she was “texting [her] whole family.”

“What a great story,” Eichner quipped. “Maybe you can adapt that for HBO!” Don’t tempt them, Billy … they did just lose Game of Thrones, after all.