Billy Eichner Finally Meets His Match With This Woman Who Doesn’t Care About ‘La La Land’

When Billy Eichner isn’t running around Manhattan screaming about Seth Rogen dying, he’s running around Manhattan screaming about the movie Elf. Most of the New Yorkers he randomly (and hilariously) accosts on Billy on the Street are open to his questions about Sex and the City 2 and “God Bless America,” or whatever, but Eichner finally met his match in one woman who gives zero f*cks about La La Land. You know, Damien Chazelle’s Best Movie of the Year-musical starring the ever-charming Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone that everyone likes? Well, everyone except this lady, who has never heard of the film, and quickly grows tired of Eichner’s questions about it.

The conversation starts innocently enough, with Eichner asking, “Miss, are you lying low until all that La La Land hype dies down?” The woman — who I’m going to call Storm, based on her hair — has no idea what he’s talking about. Or who Emma Stone is. She is, however, familiar with Gosling. “It’s a movie musical in Los Angeles,” Eichner explains. “Definitely not going to L.A.,” Storm responds, not understanding how movies work. She tries to end the interview here, but when Eichner tells her, “Don’t ‘babe’ me,” something snaps.

“Four kids, I’m not watching TV,” Storm says while crossing the road. “Sweetheart, OK,” Eichner yells, “it has Oscar buzz and I saw Emma Stone do a Q&A,” to which she calls back, “I don’t know who you’re trying to sass for a f*cking camera, but you got the right bitch to put you in the wrong motherf*cking place!” So… I’m guessing she isn’t a Difficult People fan?

(Via Twitter)