Billy Eichner Reveals Big Bird Was A ‘F*cking Asshole’ To Work With

The new season of Billy on the Street premiered last night with David Letterman as a guest, so in turn, Letterman had Billy Eichner on Late Night. During his appearance, Dave asked Eichner about the bizarre Billy on the Street PSA he made with Michelle Obama and Big Bird to promote healthy eating for children, or as Eichner says, by “putting Elmo on some bananas or something, I don’t know.”

He revealed that behind the scenes, Big Bird was apparently a “f*cking asshole” and very difficult to work with. I always knew that Big Bird was the Lindsay Lohan of Sesame Street, and my suspicions are now confirmed. I bet he shows up to the set two hours late every day, reeking of last night’s cigarette smoke and booze, then refusing to come out of his trailer until his agent coaxes him. Typical bird.