Billy Eichner And Stephen Colbert Ask ‘Real’ New Yorkers What They Think Of Donald Trump

It’s a shame Billy on the Street doesn’t have a “Previously On…” segment. Imagine trying to summarize an entire season of the TruTV series into a one-minute block: “Previously on Billy on the Street, Billy Eichner terrified random New Yorkers with Jon Hamm, Seth Rogen, Lupita Nyong’o, and John Oliver with questions about threesomes, celebrity deaths, dirty jokes, and if gay people care about HBO late-night hosts. Also, he made Rachel Dratch try to escape Margot Robbie, and Nicki Minaj complimented his petty ass.”

So, yeah, it’s been an eventful season, and Eichner saved one of his biggest guests for Tuesday’s finale. The Late Show‘s Stephen Colbert dropped by the show to quiz “real” New Yorkers (in other words, an “elitist New York piece of sh*t”) on what they think of President Donald Trump. Considering Hillary Clinton captured 79% of the city’s vote, you can probably guess where this is going. When Eichner asked an 18-year-old college student to sign a goodbye card to the freedom of the press, she wrote, “Rest in peace, America.”

What lessons did Colbert (who’s mostly there for moral and pen-writing support) and Eichner learn? “I like being in my New York bubble. It’s the best bubble,” Eichner said. “I want to be in a smaller bubble!” Cue the bubble montage set to Ella Fitzgerald’s heartwarming “Manhattan.” Goodbye for another season, Billy on the Street. I’ll miss you most of all, purple shirt.