B.J. Novak Reveals That Mindy Kaling Would Torture Him With Constant Lies On ‘The Office’

While everyone remembers just how heartwarming and special the whole Jim and Pam romance was on The Office, most people don’t have that fond of memories of the power couple that was Kelly and Ryan. That Kelly had a hold on Ryan, just like he had a hold on her. Apparently what made their on-screen chemistry click so well was that their off-screen chemistry was just as strong and just as weird. If you thought that Kelly tortured Ryan, wait until you hear how Mindy Kaling tortured B.J. Novak.

According to Vulture, the two have an upcoming book about their strange off-screen friendship, and B.J. Novak opened up at just how strange it really was. Kaling would more or less torture Novak by doing her best to convince him of the most ridiculous and audacious lies. The kind of stuff that nobody would bother actually looking into.

“There was this director, this older woman who directed a couple of episodes, and Mindy told me I couldn’t tell anyone, but Greg Daniels, the show runner, used to date this woman in college. And then Greg asked me what I thought of her cut and I lied to Greg and said I thought it was great, because I was nervous to insult his ex-girlfriend, so he didn’t make the edits that I wanted. And later I asked him about it and he was like, ‘What are you talking about? She’s 20 years older than I am, we didn’t go to college together!’ I realized that Mindy just made it up and it actually affected my work life!”

If that’s the kind of stories that will be littered throughout this co-authored book between the two then sign me up, because that is legitimately hilarious.

(Via Vulture)