Netflix Reveals The Least-Popular Ending From ‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’


The notoriously secretive Netflix was unusually forthcoming about its data on Thursday. We now know that the Sandra Bullock thriller Bird Box and stalker-drama You are massive hits, with tens of millions of views for each, and that when given the choice between Frosties and Sugar Puffs, go with the Frosties.

In the interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, which has multiple endings and a “trillion” permutations, users are basically able to play God over poor Stefon’s life, right down to picking which cereal he should eat in the morning.

It wasn’t even close.

Netflix also revealed that 73 percent of viewers “chose to ACCEPT the job at Tuckersoft,” and that “of the 5 main endings, the one where Stefan goes on the train with his mum… was the path least traveled.” Still no word on how many people went with the “chop up the dead body” option, probably to protect a lot of identities from the authorities. Meanwhile, the on-brand Brits love their tea.

The success of Bandersnatch has led to Netflix considering the choose-your-own-adventure gimmick for other series. “You should anticipate we’ll do more of those [interactive shows] as we start to explore that format,” Netflix’s chief product officer Greg Peters said on Thursday. “In that challenge [of creating interactive shows] is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to bring technology to bear to create a tool set for creators to make that process easier and more effective.” I would watch an interactive episode of BoJack Horseman. Will BoJack drink himself to sleep with beer or vodka? Only you can decide!

(Via Business Insider)