New ‘Black Mirror’ Season 4 Photos Offer Another Peek At The Upcoming ‘Star Trek’ Spoof

Last month Netflix offered the first sneak peek (above) from season four of Black Mirror, as well as the episodic titles: “Arkangel,” “USS Callister,” “Crocodile,” “Hang the DJ,” “Metalhead,” and “Black Museum” — and ever since fans have been eagerly awaiting more information, including, like, a premiere date, already. (Come on!)

Well, while we may not have that, the streaming service has released new photos from the first two episodes of the upcoming season, and we’ll take what we can get at this point. The first, “Arkangel,” is directed by Jodie Foster and stars Rosemarie Dewitt (La La Land, Mad Men), Brenna Harding (A Place to Call Home), and Owen Teague (Bloodline), and as we previously mentioned, the episode looks like it plays on a creepy child trope, only now with an updated, technological angle.

From what little context we can glean from the photo, it appears that Dewitt plays the concerned mother of the child in question.

Next up is “USS Callister,” a Star Trek spoof that stars Jesse Plemons, Jimmi Simpson, and Cristin Milioti (The Wolf of Wall Street, Fargo), among others. Based on the photo, it looks like Plemons is going to be the captain of the USS Starship … something or other, in what already seems like it’s going to be the fan favorite episode of the season.

Star Trek spoofs are apparently very in right now, although — based on early reviews — this one stands a much better chance of quality than Fox’s new sci-fi series The Orville.