‘Blackwater’s Neil Marshall Will Direct The Next HOLY SH*T Episode Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

There are few certainties in life. You’re alive today, but tomorrow, you could be DEAD, your family and friends having forgotten about you, your body left to decompose in some shallow mud puddle. Yay! But one thing has always been true and will always be true: the penultimate episode of every season of Game of Thrones will be AWESOME. That’s why you should be dancing like a bear that’s just found his maiden fair that Neil Marshall will be directing episode 4.09, which my sources tell me is going to be called “I Need to Change My Pants.”

Centurion director Neil Marshall, who helmed the “Blackwater” episode 9 in the second season, is returning to helm episode nine for season four. It’s unknown where in the story the episode would be set, but given Marshall’s reputation for pulling off huge set pieces, it’s possible it would revolve around [SPOILER ALERT; CLICK THE LINK IF YOU WANT TO KNOW, BUT YES, IT’S WHAT YOU THINK IT IS]. (Via)

Thus ends this month’s installment of “You Can Only Use the Word Penultimate When Discussing HBO Dramas.”

*OK, fine, the next HOLY SH*T episode is rumored to be episode two, but I don’t care for the color purple anyway.

(Via Variety)