It’s Business As Usual On ‘W/ Bob And David’ In This Brand New Sketch From Netflix

The return of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross to sketch comedy will be upon us soon thanks to the fine folks at Netflix. W/ Bob And David premieres on November 13th, filling the post-Mr. Show void. Too many times we’ve been forced to look back and create ways to keep the show alive in our memories, but now we have teasers and trailers to prove that this is real. This sketch is merely the icing on the cake.

In it we get the silliness, we get Bob Odenkirk yelling and we get the entire gang from the HBO series back together. It’s magical, even if everybody is older. In the sketch, poor Paul F. Tompkins is attempting to make some resolutions with his friends and decides to drop meat from his diet. This singles him out as an assh*le, clearly, especially when you consider all of the very attainable resolutions the rest of the group puts forth.

He also gets to stuff his face with some pizza, so all is well by the end. It’s just nice to see these guys back together in this fashion.

(Via Netflix)