Bob Odenkirk And Conan Discuss The Rumor Of Gus Fring Showing Up On ‘Better Call Saul’

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Better Call Saul has stood mightily on its own merits beyond just being a Breaking Bad spinoff/prequel. We know this. Bob Odenkirk’s brilliant acting has brought the character to life like never before. But even the smallest cameos or hidden clues have led to fans getting excited at the possibility of seeing key Breaking Bad characters before Walter White had his way with them.

Now, Odenkirk’s visit to Conan has induced the latest in a long line of, “you should be excited to see the next Better Call Saul because of X reason” post is here: Gus Fring might be on his way back to Albuquerque:

“The writers always do clever things, there’s little clues all over the show, visual clues, and one of the things they’ve done, and somebody worked out the puzzle — the first letter of each episode of last season spelled out a sentence, ‘Fring’s back.’ So, I guess, I don’t know. I really, really truly don’t know what’s going to happen in the show, that maybe we’ll see Giancarlo Esposito back in that great role again.”

That’s no confirmation, but it’s enough to get comment sections riled up. It’s also enough to lead us to the next segment: Bob Odenkirk campaigning way too hard for an Emmy. You can get a taste of that above, but he’s really going all out past the very slick look above.

(Via Team Coco)