Bob Odenkirk Is Not Down With These Late Night Talk Show Games, Brought His Own Interview Questions

Often when recapping the goings on of late night television, there’s a celebrity playing some random game with a pun-based title. According to the comments on those posts, people have strong opinions on these things. It turns out, they are not alone. When prepping to do Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bob Odenkirk was told that he would only be there for talking. So, when Kimmel asked to play a game of Heatherball (it’s like tetherball, but with Heather Graham’s face on the ball), Odenkirk was not having it, and refused to participate in the game.

Before that, during the interview portion of Odenkirk’s stay, he noted that people have been exceedingly nice to him since the success of Better Call Saul. Because of this, he provided Kimmel with 10 questions the people seem to be too nice to ask. This led to Odenkirk getting honest about snatching Jon Hamm’s Emmy away and details in his acting methods. It’s almost enough to make you wish more celebrities would pre-write their own questions.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)