Bob Odenkirk On Potential ‘Breaking Bad’ Spin-off: ‘Saul Goodman Should Be Mayor Of Las Vegas’

07.22.13 5 Comments


Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way right up top: The Saul Goodman/Breaking Bad spin-off is still very much hypothetical. There have been reports that Bob Odenkirk and Breaking Bad showrunner are both interested, and one that development was moving “full-speed ahead,” but when asked about all that in the interview I’m about to blockquote, Odenkirk himself said, “Let’s just say some of the blogs reporting it are really premature,” so keep that in mind as we move on here.

But. With that said, speculating is fun and Saul Goodman is treasure of a fictional human being who should be on television as much as possible, so please note this brief excerpt from Odenkirk’s new interview with The New Republic:

What’s your dream Saul spin-off?

Saul Goodman should be mayor of Las Vegas. He could work in any city. It’s just that in Vegas he could be the mayor one day. He’d really be an upstanding citizen.

Yup. Gimme. Saul Goodman as mayor of Las Vegas would be kind of like Nucky Thompson crossed with Diamond Joe Quimby. It would be perfect. And believable, too, seeing as Las Vegas already HAD a colorful, mob-affiliated lawyer named Goodman, and they let him serve as mayor for 12 years. It’s a match made in heaven. Let’s start the Vote for Saul campaign immediately.*

*Please make all donations payable to the Ice Station Zebra Super PAC.

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