Watch Bob Odenkirk Attempt To Recap Season One Of ‘Better Call Saul’ In 60 Seconds

News & Culture Writer

Better Call Saul makes its triumphant return with season two on AMC Monday, but if for some reason you haven’t caught up yet (and why haven’t you?), Bob Odenkirk is here to help! During a visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday night, Odenkirk offers to recap the first season in 60 seconds, a feat he has not previously attempted. It goes… about how you would expect it to. He starts out strong, but then somewhere around Malcolm in the Middle, things take a hard left turn and by the time he gets to the dragons, things just go completely off the rails.

Good news, though — because the entire first season of Better Call Saul is now on Netflix, so you can still binge-watch before Monday.

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