Bobby Bottleservice Is Back In This ‘Kroll Show’ Final Season Clip

Kroll Show returns for its third and final season next week, on January 13th, and Comedy Central just released a clip from the premiere. In it, Paul Scheer instructs Kroll’s Bobby Bottleservice, Jon Daly’s Peter Paparazzo, and Jason Mantzoukas’ Eagle Wing on the finer points of Gigolo House. Kroll also spoke to Complex about wrapping up his show and the thing he’ll miss the most, beside the money and getting to play with tuna: the responses to his characters.

What are the most memorable responses you’ve gotten to the characters?

My mom always feel terrible for Ref Jeff, that people aren’t nice enough to him. The best is when people who are sort of like the character I’m portraying love the character. It makes me happy. I’ve had that in various forms. Nothing pleases me more than when a Bobby Bottleservice comes up and tells me they like Bobby Bottleservice. That’s gratifying.

That takes a strong sense of self-awareness.

Or not a strong sense of self-awareness. But it is true. People do have a good sense of humor about themselves, which I don’t think everybody realizes. I have had rich dicks, Liz’s, Bobby’s all talk about how they like the sketches that seem to somehow reflect them. The only group that doesn’t seem to know about it, because they don’t have cable, are the Oh, Hello’s, the George and Gil’s of the world. (Via)

Meanwhile, every deli in L.A. has Kroll Show playing 24/7.

Via Complex