This ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Tribute To Bourbon Is Your New Favorite Christmas Song

I fully support a Bob’s Burgers Christmas song becoming an annual tradition. Last year, it was the gloomy National and “all the cold, hungry people dying in the streets.” This year, Bob’s kept the festivities in house, with Kevin Kline’s Mr. Fischoeder singing about “The Spirits of Christmas.” (His accompaniment: brother Felix with some surprisingly light dance moves.) That’s a bit of a misleading title, though. It’s not so much “spirits” as it is a tribute to bourbon.

Let’s see if you can remember the lyrics.

“Oh, bourbon…”

That’s pretty much it. It’s my (and Boyd Crowder’s) new favorite Christmas song. Sidenote: I would gladly watch a Bob’s Burgers spin-off called Bob’s Bourbons. As long as Marshmallow and Regular-Sized Rudy are still there.