The ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Comic-Con Poster Will Make You Wish It Was A Real Board Game

Everyone’s favorite burger restaurant-owning family will be returning to Fox for their seventh season on September 25th, but the cast and crew of the hit series are currently preparing for San Diego Comic-Con which is set to take over Southern California this week. Every year, Fox gives out limited edition posters to fans at their booth. Last year, there was the “The Little Known Unconfirmed History of the Burger” with the Belcher family (and Teddy) dressed as famous historical figures, which was great. However, we think this year’s poster totally outshines the previous edition.

In an exclusive first-look from Entertainment Weekly, the latest Bob’s Burgers poster wants to take you on a food-filled journey through some tasty destinations in the nation of Burgerland. From the French Fields of Friesconsin to the great state of Cheeseissippi, where you can spend a lazy day on its famous wonderful gooey cheddar cheese river. Maybe you want to head north to the more industrialized (but never processed) Baconopolis then finally settle down in the state where burgers are pronounced burgahs, Beefachusetts. Unfortunately, this isn’t a real board game, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who can nab this poster you can certainly channel your inner Linda Belcher and be inventive with coming up with your own game. We suggest ketchup and mustard packets as game pieces. Gather a few of your friends to play Burgerland, but watch out for that dreaded grease trap!

(Via EW)