A ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Writer Will Only See The ‘Entourage’ Movie If You Donate $10,000 To Charity

If Bob’s Burgers writer Wendy Molyneux Drake is anything like Linda Belcher, she loves “showers, and mornings, and bologna, and turtles, and wine,” but she does NOT love Entourage. In fact, she hates the Adventures of Vince and His Cologne Crew so much that the only way she’ll see the new movie is if you pay her. When Drake raises $10,000 on GoFundMe, she’ll sit through the most unnecessary film since Sex and the City 2 and donate all the money to charity.

If you know me at all, you know there are two things I hate: pediatric cancers and the television show Entourage. I am attempting to raise 10K to donate to CureSearch. Find out more about CureSearch here. In exchange for that I will go see the movie Entourage. Watch the terrifying preview of Entourage here. It’s just that simple. Please give five dollars or ten thousand dollars. Or please don’t because I really don’t want to see Entourage. It’s up to you: give some money and help children with cancer and make me see Entourage, or keep your money and I won’t have to see Entourage. No matter how much this makes, all of the money will go directly to CureSearch. (Via)

The reward levels are Entourage-themed, from the $5 D-Bag Level (“Receive a photo of Wendy seeing Entourage, as well as a written review of the film”) to the $15,000 Ultimate Turtle, where one lucky cancer-and-Entourage-hater will get all the awards, plus “free cake and attending the movie with Wendy, plus a picture of either Turtle or a turtle signed by Wendy.”

I’d go with the signed turtle. Anyway, don’t be a Jimmy Pesto, who probably loves Entourage.

Donate here.

UPDATE: did it work? OH YEAH (OH YEAH).

Talking ’bout Turtle(‘s bro).

(Via: GoFundMe)