‘Bob’s Burgers’ Released A Trailer For Its Season Premiere, And You Should Watch It

We tend to “take on,” so to speak, shows that we feel more people should be watching and then tell everyone that they should be watching said show until they finally break down and watch the show, love it, and the cycle begins anew, passed from person to person, generation to generation. That’s my longwinded way of saying that Bob’s Burgers is My Show. Breaking Bad, Archer, and Community might get miniscule ratings, at least compared to Two and a Half Men, but they also have very vocal fan bases, and they’re doing totally fine.

Bob’s Burgers could use more love, or else Fox might replace it next season with another Seth MacFarlane show that isn’t American Dad! (another series that’s very good but no one talks about). That’s only a good thing if it’s called The Naked Emilia Clarke Half-Hour. So, you should watch this Sunday’s premiere and the trailer below. You’ll like it, we swear, and if you don’t, well, there’s always the Archer crossover episode.

Here’s another reason:

(Via BuzzFeed)