‘Bob’s Burgers’ Has Been Renewed For Two More Seasons

The Bob’s Burgers-era continues. Fox’s animated series, and the network’s best show overall, has been renewed for two additional seasons, its seventh and eighth. It’s not exactly a surprise announcement — Bob’s won the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program last year, ratings are solid, and the quality hasn’t slipped, even after 90 episodes — but it’s nice to officially know we have many more years of Gene jams to look forward to.

“Six seasons in, the Belchers have become one of America’s most beloved TV families, and we are so happy to keep them in the fold for another two seasons,” says Fox Entertainment president David Madden, who calls the show “hilarious, warm, smart, inventive–critics love it, and so do fans.” (Via TV Insider)

Even with eight seasons, Bob’s Burgers will still have some time to go before matching the length of other Fox animated shows. There’s The Simpsons, of course, which will be in season 29 in 2018, followed by Family Guy with 16 seasons. King of the Hill went 13 seasons, and American Dad! lasted 11 before moving to TBS. But Bob’s is the longest-running show in TV history with a song about pooping in the afternoon, so that’s something.

(Via TV Insider)