The ‘BoJack Horseman’ Season 5 Premiere Date Was Made In Typical BoJack Fashion


As far as Twitter accounts run by alcoholic, talking horses go, BoJack Horseman has one of the better ones. (It’s him or Flicka.) There are hot dog leg selfies, DeviantArt critiques (“is this really what you guys think i look like” quickly turns into “i mean i do totally have muscles so good job there”), and Kanye-worthy freestyles (“my names bojack and im here to say / i love horsin around in a major way”). Sometimes the Horsin’ Around star even shares actual news, like when BoJack Horseman is returning to Netflix for season five.

After someone on Twitter wrote, “TELL US WHEN SEASON FIVE IS COMING OUT,” BoJack (or one of his Judah Mannowdog-like assistants) replied, “wooowwww congratulations you are the 10000000 person to ask that question your prize is the answer sept 14th now please stop asking me.”

There you go: season five, September 14. If we go along with the scenario that BoJack is a real “person” (horse) with the ability to tweet and go running and not understand jokes about mulch (BoJack Horseman is the most REAL show on television, so I do), then we must also accept that he wasn’t supposed to “leak” the premiere date. “bojack…we talked about this,” Netflix tweeted to the one-time Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities: What Do They Know? Do They Know Things?? Let’s Find Out! guest star, to which he responded, “i remember a 87% coherent conversation where you told me to do this right now.”

Anyway, no more clown dentists, please.