Boooo: Adam Pally Will Be Leaving ‘The Mindy Project’ In The Middle Of Season Three

Well, this is disappointing. According to TV Line, Adam Pally is going to depart The Mindy Project after episode 13 of this season, to produce “projects for broadcast, cable and new media” for ABC studios. I guess that’s overall great news for fans for Adam Pally, but bad news for anyone who watches The Mindy Project.

Full disclosure, I only started watching Mindy at the start of season two, so I never even saw the series during the rocky first season when Sarah Newlin from True Blood was on it, but the general impression is that it was kind of a mess. It was only after Adam Pally joined the cast early in season two as the bro’ey Dr. Peter Prentice, quickly upgraded to series regular, that the series seemed to find its footing and really settle into a nice ensemble cast.

No news on how his departure will factor into the storyline, but Pally will reportedly be making guest appearances here and there as his schedule permits. Losing his character is really going to leave a void in the series, though, and unless they pull some trick dream casting I’m not sure how it’ll bounce back from his absence.

(TV Line via AV Club)