‘Bosch’ And Lance Reddick Gave Us One Of The Best GIFs In History

05.01.18 5 Comments


This is a GIF from season four of Bosch. It is a good GIF. It is a very good GIF. I could give you the context but I don’t think I will or need to. I feel like it speaks for itself. You’re not even reading these words, are you? You’re just watching the GIF. I could say anything right now and no one would ever know. The moon landing was paid for by Elvis and staged at Graceland. Most dogs can talk but they hide it from us. October is a bad month. God, this is liberating. And you’re just watching that GIF. Honestly, I can’t blame you.

Okay, a little context. Just a little. Not the full amount, though, because this happens during the season finale and if I won’t be able to live with myself if I spoil Bosch for any you. I… I don’t even want to think about it. It’s too ugly. So, we’ll be vague. The man in that GIF is Lance Reddick, an actor you probably recognize from The Wire or one of his many other roles. Here he is playing a character named Irvin Irving, which is both awesome and not something I made up. Irvin Irving is the acting Chief of Police and he has been getting jerked around by the damn fat cats in City Hall. At the beginning of this scene, he gets the upper hand on one of his tormentors. He instructs his driver to pull up next to that person’s car. Then he does it. This.


Not a word, by the way. He doesn’t say a single word. He just rolls the window down, stares a stare so intense that it probably would have melted the glass anyway, then breaks eye contact dismissively as the window rolls up and his driver pulls away. My God, what a power move. No. What a powerful move. If anyone — especially Lance Reddick — ever looked at me like that I imagine I would disintegrate into a cloud of molecules and blow away into the next gentle breeze.

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