The Second Season Of ‘Bosch’ Is Even Leaner And More Compelling Than The First

03.11.16 3 years ago

Jazz musicians who got their start in one of a thousand American high school band practice rooms probably saw the same jokey poster hanging near the director’s office. A white skull and cross-bones set on an all-black background, and accompanied by four simple words: “Tune it or die.” No kitschy colors or designs, no elaborate turns of phrase — just a humorous, but serious warning for all would-be players who preferred performing to failing grades. Given the title character’s penchant for jazz, perhaps Bosch showrunner Eric Overmyer donned such a sign over his door during production of the Amazon show’s second season, because it’s decidedly better than the first.

Such a tactic wouldn’t be a surprise coming from Overmyer and his team, many of whom worked on The Wire and other less popular police procedurals tinged with gritty realism, contemporary noir, and hard-boiled detectives all too willing to break the rules. Or maybe the inspirational message was implemented by author Michael Connelly, who created the Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch character (played here by Titus Welliver) and serves as an executive producer on the series. Either way, Bosch‘s new season improves key aspects of what critics liked most about the first — plotting, pacing and a series arc designed for binge-watching. It also drops most of the garbled, more talkative moments that plagued the first season, though many of that season’s clichés are still around to induce further guffaws. Which, to be honest, is kind of endearing.

Consider Bosch’s triumphant return to the force. At the end of the season one finale “Us and Them,” Bosch put Captain Harvey Pounds (Mark Derwin) through a glass window during an argument. The next few cuts featured the fired detective turning in his gun, badge, and ID to Lieutenant Grace Billets (Amy Aquino), collecting his things from his desk, and giving everyone his signature silent-but-pissed-off stare. Flash forward to the season two premiere “Trunk Music,” in which Bosch runs around his Los Angeles neighborhood. He’s keeping fit, but has grown a beard since leaving the force. Aside from cardio, alcohol, and jazz, the ex-cop keeps a low profile while waiting for the moment his handlers at the Hollywood Division finally decide to call him in. The call comes, the beard goes and Bosch finds himself paired back up with his old partner, Jerry Edgar (Jamie Hector) and hot on the trail of a pornographer’s killer.

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