Here Is Bow Wow Teaching Arnold Schwarzenegger How To Do The Nae Nae And The Stanky Leg

03.27.14 5 Comments

I have no idea how or why TMZ ended up with a clip from tonight’s episode of 106 & Park, but I suppose that’s not really the issue here. The issue is that the clip features Bow Wow teaching former Governor of California and current star of the upcoming film Sabotage Arnold Schwarzenegger how to do the Nae Nae and the Stanky Leg. I can’t believe I just typed that sentence. Any of it. There are so many moving parts, including the thing where the guy who played Conan the Barbarian went on to become the highest ranking politician of America’s most populous state for almost a decade, which is something we kind of all just accept now. To put that in perspective: It would be kind of like if we elected the guy who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones Mayor of New York twenty years from now. Which we can’t rule out, for the record. Momoa 2033.


But anyway, the dancing. Arnold and True Blood star Joe Manganiello played some game where they had to try whatever dance popped up on the screen, and the two they got were the Nae Nae and the Stanky Leg. Three notes:

  • No one has ever looked happier than Arnold Schwarzenegger looks doing the Nae Nae at the 0:21 mark.
  • Arnold asking “What’s a ‘stanky leg’?” in the classic Schwarzenegger “It’s not a tumor” voice brings up an incredibly important point: We need a movie — and maybe a whole franchise — about Arnold Schwarzenegger helping a group of misfits try to save their rec center through the magic of dance.
  • Bow Wow is the tiniest person in the world.

I think that about covers it. The world is a weird place sometimes.

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