Bowen Yang’s Shiny Silver Boots From The Emmys Are Already All Sold Out (But You Can Still Get Them In Black)

After Saturday Night Live cast-member Bowen Yang walked the Emmys red carpet in a pair of glittery silver boots, Henry Bae and Shaobo Han have been inundated with messages from friends congratulating them for designing the shoes and people wanting a pair for themselves.

With their shoe label SYRO, Bae and Han have been a fixture in the queer Asian community in Brooklyn and have known Yang for years. However, they never expected to see Yang actually wear their footwear at a red carpet event, and they’re blown away by the high-profile support. Via The Daily Beast:

“I think the first thing I thought was, ‘Wow, queer Asians are supporting other queer Asians,’” Han said. “Not only did the shoes look fabulous on him, it kind of shows how with red carpets, the Emmys, and Hollywood, gender queerness is breaking in. We’re seeing it with so many other celebrities, and to see an Asian face from New York carry it off the way he did is incredible. There’s a whole generation of young Asian queer people looking at this moment like, ‘He did it, I could do it.’”

While seeing Yang support their label has been awesome news, they do have bad news when it comes to rocking the same color boots as the SNL star.

“Unfortunately, those [silver] ones are sold out; we only have them available in black,” Bae told The Daily Beast. “We work on making accessible heels in an accessible size range at an accessible price for as many people as possible, so all of our heels are always made in black.”

You can check out Yang’s glittery footwear below, but just don’t get too attached. Unless you don’t mind a pair in black, then go nuts.

Getty Image

(Via The Daily Beast)