So This Is Brilliant: The ‘Breaking Bad’ Character First And Last Appearance GIF Wall

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09.30.13 48 Comments


This is why I love the internet oh so much. The internet creates things for me I didn’t even know I wanted and gives me a reason to write about Breaking Bad the day after the series finale when I’m feeling left out. Saul Goodman is also feeling left out so I’m happy to include him in the banner. Me and you, Saul. Me and you.

What follows is equal parts brilliant and self-explanatory. It’s simply every recurring character on the show transitioning via animated GIF from the first time we met them in the series to their last moment on screen (flashbacks excluded). Thanks to this Tumblr for coming up with the idea (or at the very least putting it on my radar). Black and white is a nice touch.

breakingbad-first-final-1 breakingbad-first-final-2

breakingbad-first-final-3 breakingbad-first-final-4

breakingbad-first-final-5 breakingbad-first-final-6

breakingbad-first-final-7 breakingbad-first-final-8

breakingbad-first-final-9 breakingbad-first-final-10

Spoiler alert: Things do not go well for characters on Breaking Bad. Also, I’m as convinced as ever that Huell never gets out of that hotel room.

Source: Smiles Like A Reptile

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