Yeah, Cosplay! These ‘Breaking Bad’ Costumes Are The Danger.

GammoGahato as Rule 63 Jesse Pinkman, photographed by Jack Liu. [via]

We’re counting down to the last Breaking Bad episodes, which start this Sunday and end when you see us posting a montage of footage set to “End Of The Road” by Boyz II Men. To gear up for this Sunday, we’ve put together a collection of great Breaking Bad costumes. They may not live up to the splendor of Bryan Cranston cosplaying as himself with an ultra-realistic Walter White mask, but they’re still welcome in our territory any time.

Zacloudseth as Walter White, photographed by Jack Liu.


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“Stay out of my territory. You’ll know it by the smell of my pee.” [via]



Photographed by David Ngo (DTJAAAAM)

Photographed by kizzzbeth.

Photographed by Tricia Wang.

George the Kat again in one of his many costumes. [via]

Photographed by Kevin McShane.

Photographed by Howard Walfish.

Photographed by Steven Leung.


Photographed by Phoenix Comicon.

Photographed by SuperHeroHype.

Photographed by Kevin McShane.

Photographed by Butterbean.

Photographed by Hayley Sargent.

Photographed by Mark H. Anbinder.