The Walter White Facebook Look Back Video Is Here To Remind That ‘Breaking Bad’ Is Over

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The Facebook review videos have been all over the place lately, but I’ve stopped myself from watching mine and any of the other fake ones marching around the internet. Mostly because I couldn’t give a real f*ck what Facebook thinks about my life. Also the idea of a video that treats you like you were born when you joined Facebook is unsettling.

That said, this Walter White version is a fun reminder of how awesome Breaking Bad was and how it will never be coming back. Well at least until Better Call Saul comes on this fall, but that’s not really the same thing.

The memories are all here, even if their existence clashes with the entire motivations behind becoming a meth kingpin in the first place. In fact, if Walter White was actually posting all of this on Facebook, doesn’t Hank Schrader’s stock drop just a bit? He is tagged in that one photo and all.

You know what, I regret posting this. The entire video ruins the show for me. This is a total don’t buy from me. Hank was a great man!

(Via Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues / Mashable )

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