‘Breaking Bad’ Gets Best Ratings Yet

07.18.11 8 years ago 18 Comments

By now you may have heard a little something about “Breaking Bad,” the show that critics widely praise as the best drama on television. Translation: not many people watch it. The Season 4 premiere (“Box Cutter”) drew about 2.6 million viewers — a series high and impressive numbers compared to last season, but certainly not equitable to the rave reviews.

A total of 2.6 million viewers and 1.5 million adults 18-49 tuned into the premiere telecast, up a whopping 30 percent from its third season debut more than a year ago. That’s still down slightly from the fourth season debut of Mad Men, for those keeping score on that front, though edges out the Madison Ave. drama in the adult demo. [EW]

Not that fans of the show need to worry about ratings: “Breaking Bad’s” survival isn’t dependent on them — certainly not when the show is cashing what must be valuable product placement ads like the Denny’s scene towards the end of last night’s show. “Denny’s: the perfect meal after you dissolve a body in acid!”
And now, because “Breaking Bad” always has such memorable visuals (and because clicks = $$$ = a new handle of Evan Williams for yours truly), here’s a slideshow with GIFs and screencaps from “Box Cutter,” along with a little bit of discussion here and there. Warning: graphic bloody violence follows.

According to Alan Sepinwall, the episode devoted almost four minutes to shots of Gus silently undressing and dressing — a build-up of tension that was almost too much for me to stand.
Victor is totally ready for Walt and Jesse to get killed.

Slight miscalculation by Victor.

Pretty much the same face I made.
I think everybody watching the show said it best when we collectively went, “Holy sh*t.”

Mike: “I’ve never used this stuff before. You sure it’ll work?”
Jesse, after not talking for the 45 minutes of the episode: “Trust us.”
Thus ends the long and occasionally exciting life of the titular box cutter.
I’ve seen a fair number of reviews and recaps from people who thought Walt and Jesse must have grabbed whatever shirts were nearest at hand when they went to Wal-Mart or whatever. Um, no. It seemed pretty clear to me that Mike went to buy them new clothes because theirs were all bloody — hence why he just bought two of everything, and why Walt’s pants didn’t fit.

Jesse: We’re all on the same page.
Walt: And what page is that?
Jesse: The one that says, “If I can’t kill you, you’ll sure as sh*t wish you were dead.” (laughs)

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