‘Breaking Bad’ Is The Most Binge-Watched Show Ever, Says Super Accurate Study

06.25.14 4 years ago 3 Comments


Breaking Bad has been off the air for almost nine full months, and it is still picking up accolades. Golden Globes for the show and Bryan Cranston, a Critics’ Choice award for Best Drama, a slew of nominations for the TCAs and, assuredly, the Emmys, etc. And you can add that fresh hardware to the mountain of other awards the show has won over the years. But then, after you finish collecting all those awards and making a big pile out of them, you can throw the whole thing straight into the garbage, because the show has just picked up its most prestigious honor yet: Most binge-watched show ever as voted on by the 15,000 people TiVo could wrangle for a survey.

A new study from TiVo found the meth drama is the show most binge-watched — defined as three episodes of a series in a day — with 35 percent of respondents saying they had overdosed, so to speak, on the show at some point. “House of Cards” and “Game of Thrones” rounded out the top three binged shows at 29 percent and 25 percent, respectively. [NBC News]

You know what’s nice about this study? I’ll tell you. It’s that it’s a list of most popular shows — as chosen by regular schmoes on the street, not critics or insufferable know-it-all TV bloggers (hi) — that is filled with shows that are actually, like, pretty good! That’s progress! It’s also a list that is attached to a survey that says 14% of Americans have pounded through an entire season of programming in a week or less at some point (hi), which probably doesn’t say a lot about the state of the American work ethic, but that’s not important right now! WE’RE CELEBRATING! GOOD WORK, LAZY PEOPLE WITH ADDICTIVE PERSONALITIES! (Again, hi.)

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