Mike Wrobel, The ‘Game Of Thrones’ 90s Art Guy, Takes On ‘Breaking Bad’

The last Breaking Bad episodes start airing this Sunday, and we’re already counting the days. Also looking forward to what comes next is Mike Wrobel, whose drawings of Game of Thrones characters set in the ’80s and ’90s have already been featured here three times, and deservedly so. Now Wrobel returns with Breaking Bad art done in his inimitable style.

The art premiered on WIRED just a few minutes before this writing, along with a great bio of Wrobel, who left his hometown in France five years ago because he was sick of the “very French attitude of complaining about pretty much everything.” Wrobel is more of a fan than a hater. I like this guy.

Now, he’s shared his latest work with WIRED, a Muppets-themed look at AMC’s meth drama Breaking Bad. (We knew Cookie Monster had an addiction; we just never guessed it was this bad.) […] He says his Society6 page, where he sells merchandise like smartphone cases and T-shirts, has recently gotten profitable enough to give him some elbow room. “[Now] I don’t have to take every work opportunity to pay the rent,” Wrobel said. [WIRED]

Wrobel spends 12 to 20 hours on each illustration, obsessed over giving his favorite characters their due. He says the most popular work in his store is that grunge Jon Snow, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Next up, Wrobel plans to do something about True Blood. For now, check out these excellent Breaking Bad illustrations.