Before Walter White Goes On His RAMPAGE, Remember That Sterling Archer Did It First

With every season, FX’s Archer gets better and better (at this rate, by the end of season six, it will be greater than a late-night viewing of White Lightning paired with a bottle of Glengoolie and bag of gummy bears), but my all-time favorite episode dates back to season two. At the beginning of “Placebo Effect,” Archer learns that the medication he’s been taking to treat his breast cancer is counterfeit. His solution to this deadly problem: RAMMPPAGGEEE.

Guy undergoing chemotherapy? On a mission to kill people? Who have screwed him over? That sounds familiar.

Expect Breaking Bad to end with Walter White killing the leader of the Irish mob.

/fade to black

Terms of En-Rampagement: Albuquerque Edition.

(Via Reddit) (H/T Mattox)

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