‘Breaking Bad’ Has Set A Return Date For The Final Eight Episodes

For those you who have grown accustomed to new Breaking Bad episodes around the first Sunday after the fourth of July, you’re going to have to wait a little longer this year. Breaking Bad won’t be back until August 11th according to EW, which means that the eight episodes will push it into October, which means that there’s a lot of new fall premieres you may need to skip in order to keep up with Breaking Bad. Smart move, AMC. But REALLY? You’re going to make us wait until August? The episodes are done. The cast has left. Why would you do this to us? You cruel, cruel network. My guess is that the August premiere date will push the finale closer to the fourth season premiere of The Walking Dead.

On the flip side, the final eight episodes will be paired with episodes of The Talking Bad, another AMC discussion show. No one has been announced as host yet, but you know it’ll be Chris Hardwick, because he is hellbent on ruling the television discussion show landscape.