‘Breaking Bad’ Is Thanking Albuquerque With These Classy Billboards All Over Town

It’s been no secret that the relationship between Breaking Bad and Albuquerque, New Mexico has been quite beneficial one. It’s a bit ironic that a show about cooking meth has been a boon for tourism in the town it’s set it, but that’s exactly the case, so much so our very own Josh Kurp even made the trek.

Well, now the we’re counting down to the final Breaking Bad episodes, Vince Gilligan & Co. are thanking the city that has made their show home with digital billboards across town based on the graphic above. Just a classy gesture and a great chemistry pun all rolled up into one. We shouldn’t expect anything less.

Here are few shots from around the city of the billboards in action. I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting New Mexico, let alone the ABQ so I have no idea where exactly these to are located.

The ABQ Journal has a list of all the locations, for you locals, who I assume are just a bunch of Badger and Skinny Pete clones.

Banner digital image via r/BreakingBad