Breaking: Local Residents Displeased About The Way An MTV Reality Show (‘BUCKWILD’) Depicts Their Region

01.04.13 45 Comments

MTV debuted their controversial new reality show Jersey Shore Buckwild this week. The series focuses on a group of crazy and unpredictable 20-something New Jersey West Virginia residents who love to cut loose and have a good time, even if it means throwing punches at each other in the process. But not everyone is having as much fun as the show’s spray-tanned mud-soaked cast. Some of the people who live in the small shoreline rural communities like the one depicted in the show think MTV is giving people the wrong idea about their region.

Some West Virginians are angry, arguing the show feeds into “redneck” stereotypes. Samantha Markos, a nearby waitress, said if MTV producers filmed a “real” reality show about the state, “You would find a lot of hardworking people that provide for their families.” […]

And Danny Jones, mayor of Charleston, W. Va., added, “You can find all kinds of people that live here and they’re not people that are going to be portrayed in Buckwild.” [CBS]

So there you have it. Not everyone from New Jersey West Virginia is a juiced-up redneck, cosmetically-enhanced tractor show attending, guido-humping cousin-humping idiot idiot who likes to get drunk and punch his or her loved ones in the head, no matter what the producers at MTV would have you believe.

In conclusion, here is a picture of a redneck dog. Have a great day.

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