Breaking News: Look at This Dog!

This isn’t TV-related, but I don’t care. This dog, Bunk, gets a room full of balloons for his birthday, and he goes absolutely WILD popping them all. And if there’s one rule here at Warming Glow, it’s that any time a dog goes ballistic popping a roomful of balloons, that’s the lead story regardless of whose penis is on Twitter.

Anyway, since this is a TV blog, I can make this TV-related if that’s what you want. Because I would definitely watch a half-hour game show where dogs compete to pop rooms full of balloons (final round: “Fluffers has to pop 20 balloons in this antique store without breaking any dishes”). I’d also watch a prank show where Bunk shows up at children’s birthday parties and pops all the balloons, because I like to see children in party hats cry. You could call it “Bunk’d.”


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