Brian Grazer Missed Out On Producing ‘Foxcatcher’ For The Strangest Reason

Hollywood producer Brian Grazer has been a part of many big-name projects, from Empire to 24 to Arrested Development to A Beautiful Mind. However, that doesn’t mean he’s been a part of everything. Grazer sat down with Jimmy Kimmel to talk about how he missed out on producing the Oscar-nominated movie Foxcatcher. While down in the Amazon on a “guy trip” with a few other entertainment executives, Grazer had a little too much to drink while watching an illegal boxing match. As there were no bathrooms around, Grazer ended up having to urinate in a bush. This led to some guy trying to pitch Grazer a movie. Crazy right? Who tries to talk to a guy while he’s peeing? So annoying.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)