Brian Williams Cancels His ‘Late Show’ Appearance Set For Thursday

A day after Brian Williams announced a self-imposed dismissal from NBC Nightly News, CNN reports the embattled anchor cancelled his Thursday appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman. Both Williams’s and Letterman’s representatives initially expressed doubt about whether or not the visit would happen, but today’s news confirms the cancellation.

Turns out, a 2013 appearance by Williams on the Late Show featured the now-maligned account of the NBC anchor’s time in Iraq:

In 2013, Letterman’s show was one of the venues where Williams gave an account of the Iraq mission that has been contradicted by the soldiers who were present.

“Two of our four helicopters were hit by ground fire including the one I was in — RPG and AK-47,” Williams told Letterman.

“No kidding!” Letterman responded. (Via CNN)

For a throw back to the conversation, check out the following clip of the interview in question:

The cancellation adds yet another rung to the ever-lengthening ladder of troubles for Brian Williams and the NBC Nightly News program. It’s especially bad news for adults aged 50 and higher who still watch evening news programs and listen to AC/DC.

(Via CNN)