Brian Williams Demands An Apology From Social Media For Reporting That An NBC Reporter Was Caught Peeing

Brian Williams took a moment in last night’s broadcast of NBC Nightly News to debunk reports circulated last week by social media and several websites (including our own) that an NBC meteorologist was caught on camera urinating.

He was not, as initially reported, writing his name in the snow.

In fact, the weatherman, Mike Seidel, simply lost communication with NBC station and couldn’t hear Lester Holt through his earpiece so he turned his back to the camera, took off his gloves and dialed his phone to reconnect and continue the report.

We apologize for jumping to a far more hilarious conclusion. But it is nice to see that, with only 20 minutes to discuss the events of the world on the day before the all-important mid-term elections, Brian Williams still managed to spare a full 43 seconds to address a situation that 95 percent of his audience had no previous knowledge of (a tweet or a Facebook post would’ve done just fine, Mr. Williams. After all, when addressing social media, it’s usually better to use social media, rather than a nightly newscast where the median age is 62.3 years old).

via Mediatite