Brian Williams Is Once Again Ready To Slow Jam The News With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots

Brian Williams returned to slow jam a little news on The Tonight Show and it focused on the sensual side of immigration. It’s been ten years of newsreading for Williams and he hasn’t lost a step. He’s probably gained a few at this point.

There’s also a nice reference to the numerous times that Williams has rapped on the show, proving that those aren’t just crafty editors making that magic happen. It’s been there all along.

The whole thing is another nice installment of the late night staple, but it might be a bit too corporate friendly for my liking. Anniversary plugs? Company friendships? Daughters getting work on a live prime time television special that’s going to garner huge ratings? You’d never see this at CBS. They’re too busy shilling with Rudolph.

(Via The Tonight Show)