Brian Williams Owns

12.29.10 7 years ago 12 Comments

Here’s video of Brian Williams’s recent appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (which is like “Fox and Friends,” but for liberal morons instead of conservative morons). Williams recognizes that he’s surrounded by dimwits talking about a boring subject, so he takes the opportunity to make fun of the New York Times writing stories about Brooklyn. It’s excellent.

“There are young men and women wearing ironic glass frames on the streets. There are open-air markets — like trading posts in the early Chippewa tribe — where you can make beads at home and trade them for someone to come and start a small fire in your apartment that you share with nine others. Artisanal cheeses for sale on the streets of an entire American borough!”

I dunno, maybe it’s a little too inside-baseball, but Williams’s sarcasm is clear even if you don’t live in New York or read the Times.

By the way, the Williams-hosted “NBC Nightly News” just finished a quarter of kicking the pants off the ABC and CBS national newscasts. I think that he should take those numbers for granted and start reading the nightly news with a dry sarcasm. I’d pay money to watch Brian Williams give a dismissive wanking gesture to a human-interest story.

(thanks to Vinny for sharing)

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