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So, apparently there’s something called the Candie’s Foundation that’s all about preventing teen pregnancy, which is sponsored by the shoe company of the same name that makes sexualized ads with young women.  And some of the speakers at the Candie’s “town hall” meeting yesterday were “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere, Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Matt Garza, and prodigal abstinence advocate Bristol PalinBugs & Cranks has highlights from the Candie’s twitter feed:

  • matt garza says he was 17 when he got his wife pregnant – and he thought-this isn’t possible this couldn’t happen to me
  • matt g says media has desensitized people to sex – it’s everywhere
  • matt says u want to be stable before you have kids – it’s a handful
  • bristol adds she doesn’t have time to do the things she wants to do
  • bristol says having a baby is a 24 hour a day job – i do everything for my baby
  • hayden says no such thing as being to [sic] safe or too educated on sex

That’s right, kids!  Be safe out there!  Take it from a millionaire athlete, a millionaire actress who dated a thirty-year-old while still in her teens, and a teenager who got pregnant and is now on TV all the time because her mother was on the presidential ticket — having sex before marriage could potentially ruin your life!

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