British Genie John Oliver Hijacked A Special Episode Of ‘The Daily Show’ Last Night

Last night’s episode of The Daily Show was a little different in a couple ways. First of all, rather than your standard skewering of the media and/or political figures followed by a six-minute interview with someone promoting a movie or book, the show scrapped the skewering and dedicated its entire half hour to promoting Jon Stewart’s upcoming directorial debut, Rosewater. This is the kind of thing you can do when you have your own television show, apparently. Seems nice.

This brings us to the second major difference. Rather than shamelessly plugging his own movie from behind the desk, Stewart instead brought in former Daily Show correspondent and fill-in host John Oliver to take over and run the episode for him. Actually, “brought in” isn’t quite right. I suppose the correct phrase would be “summoned magically via mystical teapot.”

The intro clip is above, and below you can see Oliver interviewing Jason Jones and Tim Greenberg (the Daily Show team that went to Iran to film the original segment), followed by him interviewing Maziar Bahari (the Iranian journalist whom the film is based on). The first clip is extra fun because he gets to drop an “I SAID GOOD DAY” on Stewart before sending him off. Even when it’s a joke, it’s gotta be fun to use that on your old boss.