British Retailer John Lewis Just Set The Bar For This Year’s Christmas Ads

When you hear people talk about a viral video, you might think that it has racked up a few million views over the span of a week or even a month. This new holiday ad from upscale British retailer John Lewis currently has 2.6 million views on YouTube… in one day. The reason? Because it’s really freaking adorable. The 2-minute video features a young boy and his best friend Monty, the cutest pet penguin in the whole wide world, and naturally they are inseparable, even when they’re riding on the bus at night (although I’m pretty concerned about a child that age using public transportation with no adult supervision).

As someone who grew up in Florida, boosting my resistances to this kind of sappy marketing by watching Publix’s Thanksgiving commercials each year, I have to admit that this one caught me off guard. I don’t even know why, but damnit – that ending just turns on the sprinklers. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of merchandising to be done with Monty.