‘Broad City’ Has A New Mobile Game To Help Your Favorite Stoner Celebrate 4/20

Comedy Central

Broad City is a hilarious and brilliant ode to navigating your 20s and the beauty of female friendship, but it’s also at times a zany love letter to marijuana. Outside of each other, Oprah, and Bed Bath And Beyond coupons, Abbi and Ilana love weed more than pretty much everything else. So, on this particular 4/20, Comedy Central is giving fans a free stoner themed mobile game that brings the Broad City madness to you, no hiding weed in unmentionable areas required.

Comedy Central has announced the release of Broad City: High Score, a weed-themed mobile game based on the antics of the Broad City kweens. According to Ben Hurst, Senior Vice President, Mobile and Emerging Platforms for Comedy Central, “Broad City has an extremely loyal and passionate fan base and we developed Broad City: High Score mobile game to allow fans across the globe to fully immerse themselves in the Broad City world.” What kind of immersion you may ask?

Players of Broad City: High Score will make their way through rounds of mini-games to achieve higher scores, social status and lots of lolz. The mini-games will vary in speed and difficulty each time they are played. A session lasts until a player has failed to complete 3 mini-games during the time allowed.

Mini-games include: Smoke Rings, where players must tap and release at the right time to help Abbi take a toke; Bronson Smash, in which players must tap quickly to destroy a grocery display with Bingo Bronson; Fix the Hoodie, where players must color in Ilana’s stomach to match her crop top to make it work-appropriate; and many more.

Getting to wreck havoc with Bingo Bronson without the dental surgery and property damage? Sold.

Comedy Central