The Ladies From ‘Broad City’ Combat Trump’s America With Some Witch Therapy And Female Empowerment

As was promised during the premiere trailer that dropped ahead of the season, Broad City devoted their latest episode to Trump and the year we’ve experienced since his election. And with that, the ladies tackled it in their unique way courtesy of sex therapy, witches, cosmetic surgery, and a roar of female empowerment that closes the episode. It is risky to devote an episode to Trump at this point in his administration. The nation seems to be collectively getting exhausted by the non-stop Trump talk for varying reasons and it does carry some weight, something we can see with American Horror Story‘s current season.

But Broad City tries not to make it solely about the president and it is more about the ladies. While Abbi is off dealing with the consequences of getting older, Illana seeks sexual help and runs directly into the Trump effect on the libido. It’d be fitting enough to stop right there, but the show tosses in montages, ditches pants, plants a mirror right between the legs, and does the hard work of exorcising the president out of the situation.

This all comes courtesy of some female power to close out the end of the episode, with Illana visualizing every influential female throughout human history to deliver a powerful orgasm followed by both ladies geting an invitation to a gathering in the woods. That’s where the witches come into play and that roar we mentioned above. It cracks the windows at Trump Tower and hopefully puts a close to Trump in the Broad City universe, at least until the next election.

(Via Comedy Central)