‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Finds A New Love Interest For Gina In A Straight Shooter

Never fear, Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans! Gina (Chelsea Peretti) survived being suddenly, and violently struck by a bus at the very end of the two-part “The Fugutive” cliff hanger. As ridiculous as the move was, series co-creator Dan Goor admitted to Uproxx they “thought it would be funny” to put Gina’s accident right before the show went on a three-month hiatus, and he was right. It was funny, but it also felt somewhat cruel. Maybe that’s why Goor and his team decided to give Gina a reprieve by casting Shooter actor Ryan Phillippe as a new potential love interest.

Phillippe will guest-star as a character named Milton in this season’s penultimate episode, set to air sometime in May. He will serve as a possible love interest for Gina, though her co-worker, Det. Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) will be completely opposed to the match for reasons unknown. Whether Boyle’s reasoning for disliking Gina and Milton’s pairing is due to his jealousy over the new character’s Ryan Phillippe-like physique, or just jealousy, remains to be seen.

Then again, considering the number of times the Secrets and Lies producers had Phillippe take off his shirt, we’re pretty sure Boyle’s jealousy will have to do with a similar conceit on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Who wouldn’t be envious of Gina’s brand of luck? (i.e. Going from getting hit by a bus to possibly dating Ryan Phillippe.)