Watch The Weirdly Action-Packed Trailer For The Next Season Of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has spent five seasons gently, lovingly ribbing Andy Samberg’s Detective Jake Peralta for thinking he’s tougher than he is. The trailer for its next episode chunk went all in. It’s Peralta’s chance to go full John McClane, as the tank too-wearing, slow-motion jumping, fireball-escaping hero of his very own Die Hard (which was set in Los Angeles, not NYC, but that’s probably one of the jokes).

Yes, the whole staff of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct spends the majority of the ad in awe of Peralta’s action man prowess, from Stephanie Beatriz’s ever-glowering Rosa Diaz to Andre Braugher’s never-having-it Captain Holt. No surprise that it ends with a big reveal: We’ve just been watching Peralta’s pitch for a recruitment ad, which isn’t even set in Kings County.

But that’s not even Peralta’s silliest idea: No, that would be his suggestion that they get rid of Terry, played by Terry Crews, to save on the budget. And as we all know, that’s foolish thinking.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine debuted in 2013, and has so far run for 113 episodes. There has been one down note this season: Chelsea Peretti is skidaddling. The season doesn’t begin for a few more weeks, bowing on January 11, and that’s plenty of time to realize that Samberg’s mockumentary Popstar is a masterpiece.

(Via Deadline)