Bros Are Miserable People, Vol. 649

05.05.10 9 years ago 12 Comments

The Real World. Now that we’ve all had that little laugh, let’s take a look at a suit filed against the show’s producers by one Golzar Amirmotazedi.

A woman claims that cast members of MTV’s “The Real World D.C.” got her drunk and kicked her out of the show’s house after she refused to have sex with a cast member, then called her a “hot mess,” and “that ugly girl,” and indicated on the show that she “was mentally unstable.”

I missed this episode because I tend to find better uses for my time; I was probably swimming in the ocean or building a factory. Anyway, Amirmotazedi’s camp claims that the consent form was signed while she was drunk and thereby invalid. I can’t really offer a shred of legal insight here, but I hope MTV has to pay up. If they do, maybe they’re less likely to pay man-children to feed liquor to barely-21 women until they don’t know which street they’re on.

Pictured are the two bros in question, Andrew and Josh. Andrew, who apparently just got his hair cut by a ceiling fan, looks like a Salvador Dali painting of Janet Reno. Josh, meanwhile, went to a barber and said, “yo, make my head look like Jan Stenerud’s football helmet, only keep it black because I am a Raiders fan because I am lamer than the day is long.” Yes, now the two of you are the targets of half-hearted ad hominem insults. Drown your sorrows in Bacardi Silver. It tastes like candy, bros! Why you wanna drink that bitter shiznozz when you can drink this? Plus, you can just twist off the cap.

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