Bruce Willis Had A Knock-Down, Drag-Out Fight With Stephen Colbert

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Just because he’s doing most of his work from a bed these days, doesn’t mean Bruce Willis isn’t still a tough guy. While promoting Misery on Broadway, Stephen Colbert decided to ask whether Willis did his own stunts, from taking his own punches to walking barefoot on glass. When Colbert didn’t believe Willis’ answer, the Die Hard star decided to pull out some of the old action star moves, Foley effects, and network TV cuss words on Colbert. Yippee Ki Yay, William Faulkner!

Many craft services tables and drum kits were harmed in the filming of this “fight,” but like Willis says right at the start: It’s for the audience. Entertainment is king in Hollywood, and the highly choreographed fight is its weapon of choice. From the early days to now, we still stand in awe of the power. Even when the stunt double for Bruce Willis looks strangely like Dr. Phil.

(Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert)

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